Take A Look At Four Decades Of Apple Artifacts

History can always be told through collectibles, and these tell a terrific story about Apple.

A page from the original Macintosh business plan, riffing on the famous Paul Masson wine commercials starring Orson Welles.Photo: Bruce Damer, DigiBarn Computer Museum

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 40 years since two young Silicon Valley kids–was it even called Silicon Valley back then?–got together to make a little personal computer they called the Apple I.

Everyone loves buttons, including Apple fans and employees.Photo: Bruce Damer, DigiBarn Computer Museum

Today, we celebrate 40 years of the company that Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak started. Back then, there’s no way anyone could have predicted that Apple would eventually become the most valuable corporation in the world, especially not in the fallow days of the mid-’90s, after Jobs was fired, and when the company’s product line was more complex and confusing than the list of ingredients on a package of processed cheese.

An Apple IIGS signed by Apple cofounder Steve WozniakPhoto: Bruce Damer, DigiBarn Computer Museum

Yet through all those years, there have always been passionate Apple fans, the kind of people who will go to the barricades to stand up for their beloved brand, the people some derisively call “fanboys,” while others call them “we.”

Over at the DigiBarn Computer Museum in California’s Santa Cruz Mountains, Bruce Damer has been collecting amazing artifacts for years, and here, he shares some of his best Apple-related treats with us. Enjoy!

In an age where most software is in the cloud, it’s hard to remember that in the early days of the personal computer era, a lot of software was distributed on cassette.Photo: Bruce Damer, DigiBarn Computer Museum

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