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Now You Can Create A Personalized Font With The Sound Of Your Voice

The Webbys opens voting for the 2016 People’s Voice Award with a unique font opportunity.

Now You Can Create A Personalized Font With The Sound Of Your Voice

You know those games where you use something as a metaphor for your personality? Like, if you were a fruit what fruit would you be? Or are you a Chandler, a Joey, a Rachel, a Carrie, a Samantha, a Miranda? Now to celebrate its 20th anniversary, The Webbys has launched a design and digital nerd version of this parlor game/social masochism with a site that can turn your voice into an original font.

Created by agency Ogilvy New York for The Webbys anniversary project “The Internet Can’t Be Stopped,” TypeVoice marks the April 5 open of voting for the People’s Voice award. Users can create their own bespoke font with the sound of their voice, then share their custom words and typeface through animated GIFs as well as download the vector art. What does your font say about your voice? Are you surprisingly Helvetica? A wee bit too Comic Sans-y?

Ogilvy New York creative director Chris Rowson says this was a concept his team had been playing around with before and the Webbys People’s Voice Award seemed like the perfect opportunity to bring the idea to life. Essentially, it’s a web application that leverages the best that Chrome and Firefox has to offer, grabbing audio data from your microphone to manipulate the custom-made typefaces in real time.

“Using volume, pitch, and other audio parameters we’ve created algorithms around this data to animate each character and make the text come to life,” says Rowson. “Because we use different parameters, you get a number of results when you interact with our experience. Yell, laugh, and whistle into TypeVoice and you’ll find yourself surprised. Under the hood of this application, we have Greensock animation library, JavaScript, and lots of math with SVG data.”

Voting for the People’s Voice award closes on April 21, while overall nominees will be announced on April 5, winners will be announced April 26, and the 20th Annual Webby Awards ceremony hits New York City in May.

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