Now You Can Rent An Airbnb That Is Just An Underwater Glass Room Surrounded By Sharks

Sounds, uh, awesome?

Airbnb is known for providing people with unique places to sleep. Now, they’re offering three lucky winners the opportunity to not sleep as they spend the night in the middle of an actual literal nightmare from which they can’t awaken. That’s right: The words “Night At The Shark Aquarium” are no longer just the stuff of B-grade horror movies, they’re actual ad copy for an Airbnb promotion in which the “lucky” “winners,” if we can really use either word to describe them, get to stay overnight in a glass room that’s submerged underwater and full of friggin’ sharks.


Said glass room is in Paris, which is a lovely city to visit–but rather than enjoy the Louvre or some delicious pastries, the winners of the contest will enjoy their time at the historic Aquarium de Paris, built in 1867 in front of the Eiffel Tower. Those who wish to have this ridiculous and terrifying experience can enter by submitting a brief essay, no more than about three tweets in length, about where they live and why on earth they want to spend an entire night surrounded by sharks–and the winners will get to enjoy dinner (surrounded by sharks), relaxing (surrounded by sharks), shark science lessons from leading researchers (surrounded by sharks) and presumably cold sweats (surrounded by sharks). Winners will be flown in to Paris from anywhere in the world, and will have plenty of time to familiarize themselves with a concept the French
know as “le regret” shortly thereafter.

House Rules

  • No selfies after dark. Remember, sharks are sensitive to light.
  • Avoid seeing Jaws before your sleepover. They’re kinder than you think!
  • No sleepwalking or night swimming.
  • Don’t eat the chum.
  • No diving.
  • Keep your heads and feet in the bedroom at all times.
  • Sheep can’t swim, so count sharks instead.
  • Don’t take the bait.

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