Choose Your Romantic Future With Jeff Buckley’s Interactive “Just Like A Woman” Video

On his masterful cover of Bob Dylan’s “Just Like A Woman,” the late Jeff Buckley manages to sound mournful, yet inspired; hopeful, yet cynical.

Now, interactive media company Interlude has teamed up with Blind design studios to give the song a new music video that parallels the depth and heart in Buckley’s (and Dylan’s) work. The animated result feels like an interactive comic strip, complete with 73 cells to click through, resulting in roughly sexdecillion different versions to accompany the dynamics of Buckley’s voice.

So as Buckley sings, “She acts like just a woman, and she breaks just like a little girl,” you get to decide what the song feels like. Is it a heartwarming tale of two single people eventually finding happiness together? Is it a tragic story of love gone awry? Or maybe it’s just a hip boy going for a walk? You get to decide!

The track was released this month as part of a new collection of Buckley’s lesser-known covers called You & I. Disregarding the weirdness of posthumous record releases (as my editor astutely asked, where does the money actually go?), this inventive approach to a Bob Dylan classic is worth participating in. Watch the whole video below or on Buckley’s website.