Sure, Why Not? Netflix Pre-Roll Campaign Helps Make “Friends” Big (Again) In France

WHAT: To mark the iconic TV series’ release on Netflix, the brand creates responsive pre-rolls for almost any YouTube search situation. So if you’re searching cat videos, you might see a “Smelly Cat” ad.

WHO: Netflix, Ogilvy & Mather Paris

WHY WE CARE: Well, it looks like the long pop cultural reach of Chandler, Monica, Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, and Joey not only spans generations and media technology eras, but also the ocean. While we ponder Friends‘ newfound popularity among American teens and twenty-somethings, Netflix launched a pre-roll campaign to make the same thing happen in France. Ogilvy & Mather Paris tagged thousands of videos among YouTube’s top searches with matching Friends situations. So when people searched “make-up tutorials” they got a quick look at Joey’s Japanese make-up ad. Or Monica and Ross’s dance routine might greet anyone randomly searching “dance moves.” Can someone do this for Seinfeld, now?