The Dark Knight Rises Up In This Mashup of Batman and “Hamilton”

WHAT: It’s the most talked-about musical in years mashed up with the greatest fancy vigilante the comic book world has ever known. And right when the latest cinematic incarnation of Batman is out in theaters (and living down to expectations).

WHO: Billed collectively as Turtle Cameron, leaning heavily on the music of Hamilton, Sam Clarke and Kevin Mackaye wrote the lyrics, with Phil Hamilton directing and editing.

WHY WE CARE: Any attempt to impose Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical aesthetic on the Batman mythology would be worth a look, just on principal, but this one nails the style of how the lyrics are arranged in “Alexander Hamilton,” the first song in the production. See below:

“The night stalker, Gotham guarder covered in armor saw it got darker
So he fought a lot harder
To become a lot larger
A persona non grata
To take fear, and turn it around on the darkest-hearted”

While not as fully race-flipped as the actual musical, Batlexander Manilton does indeed feature a caped crusader of color. It’s also a lot more clever than Luke Skywalker Hamilton and other similar-minded offerings out there.