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Dell Is Selling Its IT Consulting Unit To Japan's NTT Data For $3 Billion

The unit is a major consultant to hospitals and government departments.

[Photo: Flickr user Toshihiro Oimatsu]

Japan's NTT Data has agreed to buy Dell’s information technology consulting division for $3.05 billion, reports Reuters. The acquisition comes at a time when NTT Data, already one of the world’s largest technology services companies, looks to expand its foothold in North America.

The acquisition of Dell’s IT consulting unit will give NTT Data access to customers in the health care IT, insurance, and financial services consulting industries, where Dell’s IT consulting division already has existing contracts with hospitals and government departments. Dell originally bought its IT consulting unit in 2009 from former presidential candidate Ross Perot for $3.9 billion.

The sale to NTT data will allow Dell to reduce some of the $43 billion in debt it’s acquiring by funding its acquisition of data storage provider EMC, which will cost it almost $60 billion in cash and stock. Reuters reports that in light of the EMC acquisition, Dell felt some of its information technology consulting division’s capabilities were redundant. Although NTT Data has agreed to the purchase it’s not known when the sale will officially finalize. The acquisition is the most expensive ever for NTT Data.

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