Axe Takes Inspiration From Reddit And NBA Legend Muggsy Bogues

WHAT: Axe teams up with former NBA great Muggsy Bogues–the shortest guy to ever play pro at 5’3″–for a cameo in a 60-second spot that gets inspiration from one of the brilliant ideas that can come up in the shower.

WHO: Axe, Generate/DEFY Media and Mindshare Entertainment

WHY WE CARE: Not only is Axe continuing to shed its sleazy, “spray this stuff all over your torso and the ladies won’t be able to resist you” image with the new campaign, it’s also taking inspiration from the popular r/ShowerThoughts subreddit. “When people criticize you for being short, they’re really just saying that the worst thing about you is that there isn’t more of you,” comes straight from a six-month-old post–but it’s hard to imagine that u/JaSfields could have imagined that his point would end up being illustrated by Muggsy Bogues.