Oddly, Tim And Eric Gave Us The Greatest Garry Shandling Tribute–10 Years Ago

Yesterday, the world of comedy lost a titan in Garry Shandling, who passed away at age 66. Although the crown jewel in his legacy is the definitive showbiz satire, The Larry Sanders Show, Shandling also had an incredible career as a stand-up act, and broke ground with his self-aware sitcom deconstruction, It’s Garry Shandling’s Show. He will be deeply missed.

Shandling had legions of fans, many of whom went on to become entertainers themselves. Tributes have been trickling out steadily, ever since the news broke, including a heartfelt on-air dedication from Conan O’Brien. Many of these will help round out the image of Shandling the person, rather than Shandling the comedy genius. One tribute, however, actually created years ago, offers heartbroken fans an occasion to laugh.

While Tim Heidecker of the absurdist duo Tim and Eric was working on his first show, Tom Goes to the Mayor, a decade ago, he and collaborator Doug Lussenhop began working on The Garry Shandling Movie Poster Project. It is unclear at this time how the project began, but it involved a series of movie posters altered to include puns on Garry Shandling’s name, along with his photoshopped presence. As Heidecker wrote on Twitter yesterday, at one point Shandling set foot inside the show’s office and saw the posters for himself.

If seeing the posters in the slides above doesn’t bring a smile to your face face, just imagine the comedian seeing them for himself. RIP Garry Shandling.