Lil Dicky’s Big Trojan Talk, Foxtel’s Binge Life: The Top 5 Ads Of The Week

Travel Oregon plays it cool, Persil goes to prison, and VW plays 21st century foosball.

Lil Dicky’s Big Trojan Talk, Foxtel’s Binge Life: The Top 5 Ads Of The Week

Back in 2009, Japanese condom brand Sagami made what many consider the best prophylactic commercial ever called “Love Distance.” Though a completely different tack, Trojan and rapper Lil Dicky may just have a legit challenger to the Rubber Ad Throne. Sure, it’s four-minutes long and, if you didn’t know who Lil Dicky was, you may be asking yourself why an extra from Silicon Valley was telling you about that time his buddy Jordan had sex in a club bathroom. But it doesn’t matter. It’s funny, down-to-earth, and, if marketing strategy floats your boat, it was released as content through the chart-topping rapper‘s YouTube channel, not as a traditional ad. Entertainment. Safe sex. Win-win. Onward!


Persil, “Free The Kids”

What: The soap brand goes inside Indiana’s Wabash Valley’s maximum security prison to talk to inmates about the importance of their daily two-hour outdoor time, to raise awareness that kids only get an average of one hour playing outside every day.

Who: Persil, MullenLowe

Why We Care: Unilever commissioned an independent global study of 12,000 parents, and 78% said their children often refuse to play without some form of technology being involved, and 80% reported their child prefers to play virtual sports on a screen inside rather than actual sports outside. It’s a stark metaphor, to compare prisoners to children, the guilty versus the innocent, so to speak, but one that gets your attention.

Trojan, “The Big Talk”

What: Rapper Lil Dicky makes a brutally honest pitch for Trojan and the upside of safe sex.

Who: Lil Dicky, Trojan Condoms


Why We Care: It’s a match made in advertising heaven. And not just because you’ve got a rapper named Lil Dicky talking safe sex. As Co.Create’s own Joe Berkowitz put it earlier this week, it’s Lil Dicky’s (David Burd) mix of sincerity, humor, and self-awareness that make this the best ad of the week.

Travel Oregon, “We like it here. You might too.”

What: A tourism campaign that takes a decidedly ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ approach to Oregon’s embarrassment of natural riches.

Who: Travel Oregon, Wieden+Kennedy Portland

Why We Care: Even if beards and craft beer aren’t your thing, a commitment to cool from the hipster mecca that extends as far as its tourism ads has to be admired.

Foxtel, “Bus”

What: Aussie cable ads that celebrate the binge-watching lifestyle with a delightfully odd sense of humor.


Who: Foxtel, Whybin\TBWA Sydney, Felix

Why We Care: A hilariously knowing campaign based on the fact that, whether it’s pulling off a marathon, unintentionally catching a rather risque scene in public, keeping the kids occupied, or trying to keep your eyes open for just . . . one . . . more . . . episode, the binge life has at one time or another, grabbed us all.

Volkswagen, “#FRAFRA”

What: The first-ever digital and web-connected foosball table that six famed French footballers will compete against each other on in three foosball matches, live-streamed for fans to tune in and interact with.

Who: Volkswagen, DDB Paris, UNIT9

Why We Care: The original live-streamed games were supposed to happen on March 22, but has been postponed due to the tragic events in Brussels. Still, a retro foosball table that’s actually a playable 55-inch 4K flatscreen with surround sound speakers and GoPro cameras to give fans access to different angles, views, and replays is pretty damn cool. But then to integrate it all with Twitter so fans can visit or use the hashtag #FraFra to switch up the game while the players play—from changing the number of balls on the table and moving the goalposts, to removing players, reversing controls, or changing the rules mid-game, is just awesomely ambitious, and something any soccer fan would love to check out.

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