Nielsen To Start Tracking Which Digital Media Players You’re Streaming Content On

The move will allow content providers to see if more people watch their show on an Apple TV or Google Chromecast.

Nielsen To Start Tracking Which Digital Media Players You’re Streaming Content On
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Television ratings firm Nielsen will soon begin tracking which digital media players viewers are consuming specific content on, reports Variety. Currently Nielsen already tracks what percentage of viewing of a particular show takes place on digital media players, but come April 25th those metrics will become more refined. On that date, Nielsen will start tracking metrics based on specific digital media players.

“Starting April 25, 2016, Nielsen said it will make available brand-level TV connected device data for Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation and Nintendo Wii,” Variety says. “In addition, it will add information based on device type such as media-streaming player, game console, Internet-enabled DVD player and smart TV.”

This new “brand level” tracking will give content providers a much clearer picture of what kind of digital media player their content is most popular on. Content providers could then use that data to enhance viewership on a popular device for them, or work to make viewership higher on devices where their shows are less popular. For example, if HBO sees Game of Thrones is much more popular on the Apple TV it might consider released a dedicated app with exclusive content and cross merchandising to loop even more viewers in.

“The ability to know how many consumers use which brands of TV-connected devices, for how often and for how long, is critical for clients who need to make informed content decisions and understand their total audience,” Sara Erichson, Nielsen exec VP of client solutions and audience insights, said in a statement.

Nielsen gets its data, including the new “brand level” digital media player metrics, from 40,000 households with more than 100,000 TV sets and 50,000 TV-connected devices, Variety says.

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