Lil Dicky and Trojan Condoms Are a Match Made in Ad Heaven

WHAT: “The Big Talk” is a new video that removes the burden from parents of explaining to their grown children that using a condom is a smart move. Well, it doesn’t completely remove that burden, it’s really more of a supplementary thing. Either way, in order to help parents out, Trojan tapped someone whose advice their horny teenage kids might actually appreciate.

WHO: Lil Dicky is a YouTube phenomenon who became a chart-topping rapper last year, all on the strength of his clever, funny rap videos, which are frequently about sex. Although this Trojan ad doesn’t feature any rapping, it does find the guy behind the Lil Dicky persona, David Burd, being funny about condoms for four minutes. He even manages to talk about the sexual opportunities afforded to him in the wake of instant fame in an endearingly goofy way.

WHY WE CARE: Rarely does Co.Create come across such a match made in advertising heaven. This is like Snoop Dogg doing an ad for rolling papers, which is also a thing that happened. It’s not just that his stage name happens to be “Lil Dicky,” or that he raps about sex often and has a teenage fanbase, Burd also has a way of getting across with sincerity, humor, and self-awareness the fact that this may indeed be an ad but the message is important.