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Tesla Discontinues One Of Its Powerwall Batteries

It will stop selling its 10kWh capacity Powerwall due to lack of interest.

[Photo: via Tesla]

Tesla has confirmed that it will stop selling its 10 kWh capacity Powerwall battery due to a lack of interest from customers, reports Greentech Media. Tesla confirmed the discontinuation of the home battery backup device in a statement emailed to Greentech.

"We have seen enormous interest in the Daily Powerwall worldwide," Tesla said. "The Daily Powerwall supports daily use applications like solar self-consumption plus backup power applications, and can offer backup simply by modifying the way it is installed in a home. Due to the interest, we have decided to focus entirely on building and deploying the 7-kilowatt-hour Daily Powerwall at this time."

Before the discontinuation, Tesla offered a 10 kWh capacity Powerwall and a 7kWh capacity Powerwall. The larger model was designed to only be used occasionally, such as to get a house back online when a city’s power grid failed. However, the 7kWh Powerwall is designed to be used on a daily basis, which has proved much more popular to customers.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk previously confirmed that Tesla will be launching the Powerwall 2 battery this summer "which will see a further step change in capabilities," he said.

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