Even Oregon’s Tourism Ads Have A Detached Sense Of Cool

Exactly the kind of advertising you might expect from the hippest of states.

WHAT: Eight 15-second tourism ads that take a decidedly ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ approach to Oregon’s embarrassment of natural riches, with the tagline “We like it here. You might too.”


WHO: Travel Oregon, Wieden+Kennedy Portland

WHY WE CARE: It’s no secret that Portland, Oregon, is a hipster mecca, with a reputation for all the beards, tattoos, craft beer, and fixies you might expect with such a distinction. But Oregon is also one of the most beautiful states in the union, and this campaign perfectly combines the two–epic locales like Crater Lake, The Willamette Valley, Trillium Lake, the Southern Oregon Coast, Forest Park, Alvord Desert, and Lake Billy Chinook, with a certain detached, understated sense of cool.

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