Forget Batman And Superman: See The Evolution Of That Film’s Secret Star, Wonder Woman

You know, for a 75-year old, Wonder Woman appears to be remarkably spry. Gal Gadot’s portrayal of the venerable superhero has been one of the rare bright spots in the marketing onslaught for Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. As the comic book faithful welcomes the first big screen incarnation of the invisible jet-owner with open arms, it’s worth taking a look back at those who came before her.

A new infographic created by, who previously charted some changes for Superman, examines every permutation of Wonder Woman to give a comprehensive overview of the character. Starting in 1941, when Wonder Woman was designed by H.G. Peter, with assistance from writer William Moulton Marston and publisher M.C. Gaines (for more on her bizarre history, we suggest Jill Lepore’s The Secret History of Wonder Woman), the infographic is overflowing with details about the superhero’s evolution on the page and in terms of who was in charge of furthering her adventures.

The most immediately obvious change to Wonder Woman’s look over the years is that you can see her eagle logo gradually shifting into the W iconography we all know and love. Also interesting are the changes to her hairstyle, and the fact that she apparently started off wearing Apollo Creed’s boxing shorts before settling into the current Xena The Warrior Princess-style flared mini skirt. One thing that’s never changed, though, is her ability to kick ass.

Have a look at the full infographic below.

[via Blame It on the Voices]

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