• 03.21.16

Spotify Surpasses 30 Million Paid Subscribers

Apple Music and Tidal may have high-profile exclusives, but Spotify’s growth proves it’s still on top.

Spotify Surpasses 30 Million Paid Subscribers
[Photo: courtesy of Spotify]

Spotify is still the biggest music streaming platform, reaching 30 million followers this week, according to a tweet from CEO Daniel Ek.


That means that in less than a year, Spotify’s subscriber base has grown by 10 million. For comparison, Apple Music boasted 11 million subscribers at last count, which it earned in roughly the same time period.

It hasn’t exactly been a buzzy year for Spotify, so this growth is especially impressive. While Apple Music and Tidal have been streaming (and occasionally screwing up) album releases from the likes of The 1975, Rihanna, and Coldplay, Spotify has simply kept delivering on its bottom line: high-quality music streaming.

As The Verge reports, Spotify has consistently sustained growth, adding about 10 million users a year since 2014–and as it stands, will continue to reign supreme in the streaming game.

Not that that will stop a host of competitors from jockeying for space, from YouTube Red to the SoundCloud/Sony partnership that should yield a redesigned streaming service in the next year.

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