Apple Event Recap: From The iPhone SE To The New CareKit

Apple has heeded bigger-is-not-always-better pleas from iPhone 5 users, people who prefer smaller handset form factors, and those of us with tiny hands. Today the famed tech company announced the release of the iPhone SE, which incorporates the same 4-inch size as the iPhone 5s.

Apple also announced a 9.7 inch iPad Pro, which includes an optional attached keyboard.

More exciting, however, is Apple’s latest addition to its health platform universe. CareKit is geared toward post-op patients and people suffering from chronic illnesses; it is meant to help users keep track of their healthcare instructions and regimens. Apple believes CareKit will open a wide range of possibilities for developers.

Apple’s March 21st event likely won’t be remembered for breaking ground on new technological innovations, but the timing was notable. Tomorrow is Apple’s court hearing against the FBI; Tim Cook used today’s event stage to reiterate his opposition to demands that it unlock an iPhone for federal agents as part of the San Bernadino terror investigation.

Watch the video above for executive editor Noah Robischon’s full event recap, and share your reaction to today’s announcements using the hashtag #29thFloor.