Katherine Heigl Is A Cat Therapist In These New Cat’s Pride Kitty Litter Ads

The contentious star may have fallen on hard times–or she just really might love cats.

Katherine Heigl Is A Cat Therapist In These New Cat’s Pride Kitty Litter Ads

WHAT: Katherine Heigl, former Grey’s Anatomy and Knocked Up star, is now playing a “cat therapist” for Cat’s Pride Fresh & Light Ultimate Care kitty litter, in which she helps cat owners come to terms with their contentious feline relationships.

WHO: Cat’s Pride, Magnani Continuum Marketing

WHY WE CARE: Heigl has a reputation for being something of a nightmare to work with–at the very least, she was outspoken in her criticism of her breakthrough feature, Knocked Up, including its kingmaking writer/director, Judd Apatow. (Apatow and co-star Seth Rogen clapped back.) She’s also obviously not on Shonda Rhimes’ holiday card list. So on the list of former A-listers who’d be hawking cat litter, she’s not the least likely name. Still, it may not be career desperation driving her to kitty litter spots–the campaign is a partnership with her Jason Heigl Foundation, which raises money to rescue animals and fight animal cruelty. Whether that’s a face-saving measure or the real reason she’s playing a cat therapist these days is unclear, but we’re going to assume that Heigl’s star hasn’t fallen that far yet.

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