Nicolas Winding Refn Gets Trippy For New Hennessy Ad

The Drive and Only God Forgives director takes on the cognac’s seven flavors in the weirdest booze ad you’ll see all day.

Nicolas Winding Refn Gets Trippy For New Hennessy Ad

WHAT: Director Nicolas Winding Refn distills his auteur silver screen stylings down to a new 90-second ad for cognac brand Hennessy.

WHO: Hennessy, DDB Paris

WHY WE CARE: Maybe we’ve just become too accustomed to high-end booze ads that sell an aspirational lifestyle–cars, yachts, popping bottles with models–so when Refn drops this short film that looks more ‘shroom trip than cognac sip, we pay attention. Sure, we half expected that dude drowning in chocolate to sit up and say, “Moisture is the essence of wetness,” but still. Here we are, talking about Hennessy, right?

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