Twitter’s Algorithmic Timeline Is Here To Stay

But fear not—you can opt out of the new default timeline, which ranks important tweets up top.

Twitter’s Algorithmic Timeline Is Here To Stay
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However you may feel about Twitter’s algorithmic timeline, Jack Dorsey and company are sticking with it: Starting today, the new timeline, which ditches the strictly reverse-chronological format and prioritizes interesting and influential tweets you may have missed, will be the default setting on the platform.

Twitter users who aren’t fond of the new timeline can still opt out of it, and the company outlines how to do that in its help section. As we wrote last month, the algorithmic timeline is not as extreme a departure from its predecessor as its dissenters had anticipated; it is essentially an expansion of the “While you were away” feature, which Twitter introduced last year. The reverse-chronological feed picks up as usual once users scroll through the reordered tweets at the top of their timeline.

Instagram announced earlier this week that it is testing its own version of an algorithmic feed.

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