Ford Tests Data-Driven App To Tell You Where To Park

A pilot app from Ford will merge crowdsourced data and information on parking regulations to help guide drivers to a place they’re able to park, the company said.

The app, called GoPark, will collect data on parking and traffic conditions from cars whose owners have agreed to install a special tracking device, and use that data to suggest where spots are available.

“With explicit permission from participants, Ford will collect data from cars coming and going from parking spaces in a defined area to predict available spots,” the company said. “The predictions are based on available city data plus observed parking patterns such as time of day and location.”

The app will also use data on parking regulations in Islington, an area of London where the app is being tested, to indicate whether a parking space is valid and for how long.

Ford has also said it will offer drivers access to parking information through its FordPass app. Drivers will be able to book parking spaces through the ParkWhiz parking marketplace and access parking data through Parkopedia, a crowdsourced parking database.