Adult Swim Once Again Gets Freaky With Its Latest “Too Many Cooks”-Style Short Film

WHAT: The latest mind-bending 12-minute short from the Adult Swim team. (Not to be confused with the adult swim team that meets at your fitness center Tuesday nights.) This House Has People In It drops you off in the middle of a bizarre premise–there’s a person lying facedown on the kitchen floor in a house under heavy surveillance–and challenges viewers to make sense of it.

WHO: This House is written and directed by Baltimore-based video artist Alan Resnick, who has contributed other pieces to Adult Swim’s 12-minute film blocks, directed music videos for the likes of Dan Deacon, and written for the Internet’s best website, Click Hole.

WHY WE CARE: It’s another win for Adult Swim’s anything-goes 4 a.m. time slot, the one that notoriously delivered unto the world without any warning Too Many Cooks. This one has a found-footage horror movie vibe. The authentically mundane dialogue of a married couple with a baby in tow arguing around a kitchen becomes surreal as they step around a body on the floor without commenting on it. Things don’t get any less chilling when they start reacting to it either.