Attack Of The 30-Foot Mural Commemorating Kim Kardashian’s Nude Selfie

When you’re like this building has nothing to wear lol

Considering that she released a photo book entirely comprised of selfies, it’s amazing how quickly one image became known as the Kim Kardashian selfie.


Last week, perhaps not coincidentally just before International Women’s Day, the reality mogul disseminated a nude picture of herself with censorial black boxes over two key areas, with the caption “When you’re like I have nothing to wear LOL.” This photo did not go unnoticed by the Internet, which was famously broken by the star once before when she posed for nude pictures sans black boxes. Somehow, despite most Internet-users being able to accurately describe Kim Kardashian’s naked body to a police sketch artist from memory, some people were upset by this photo, including Bette Midler, and also, P!nk, and Chloe Grace Moretz. A nearly nude selfie, International Women’s Day, and prime-grade celebrity beef proved a perfect storm of soft news to counter-balance election talk for the totality of last week. It was all so short-term significant, in fact, that the moment has now been commemorated in a 30-foot mural on the side of a building.

The street artist known as lushsux, who also goes by the cheeky moniker, Mark Walls, created the mural within days of the selfie heard ’round the world. Photos of the mural, which is located in Melbourne, Australia, began surfacing on Instagram over the weekend–just as news of Donald Trump’s cancelled rallies began to take its toll on our collective well-being. Is lushsux elevating this photograph to the level of high art, or is he or she instead making a statement about the things we chose to focus our attention and ire on. Would lushsux have made a mural about, say, the Oscar Selfie from a few years ago? Probably not. The definition of what counts as iconic is nebulous and ever-shifting. Perhaps this particular photo will only be on our minds until the paint is power-hydro’d off of the building, and perhaps there’s a point in that too.

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