Cheesy Startup Office Design Gets Its Comeuppance

Design writer Chappell Ellison hilariously calls out the silliness of well-funded tech companies whose offices look like romper rooms.

Cheesy Startup Office Design Gets Its Comeuppance

We’ve all seen those viral lists, the ones that highlight the most creative office spaces, the crazy-looking meeting rooms so symbolic of startup culture.

But today, design writer and educator Chappell Ellison called out those ridiculous rooms in a series of hilarious tweets. In the middle of her tweetstorm, she posted, “To my followers, if you have no interest in tech, ludicrous interior design, and/or bad jokes, I’m v sorry right now.”

First up, this Pac-Man-themed space in the Netherlands offices of Coolblue.

Another Coolblue office—this time Super Mario-themed.

A recent trend has been to place ball pits in offices, like the one below. Because nothing says “creative” more than being ankle deep in colorful plastic balls.

They just get better from there. Scroll down to see all of Ellison’s tweets—and stay classy, startup culture.