What Do Borat, Ali G, And The iPhone Have In Common?

The style and grand presentation we’ve all come to expect from Apple events was on full display this week–except it wasn’t for a new iPhone or watch or some other gadget we don’t know we need yet. It was for a Sacha Baron Cohen movie. The British comedian went full WWDC-style in a new ad for his latest film, The Brothers Grimsby.

Cohen does his best Jony Ive impression (or is it Tim Cook? Jobs?), describing the movie in terms any Apple fanboy can understand. “It’s a thin veneer of satire and plot, that’s so thin, it’s actually the smallest and lightest and most confusing plot that’s ever been released from a major studio.”

It’s a funny spoof that plays on the idea of Cohen’s newest character as an evolution from previous models–the Ali G, the Borat, and the Bruno. Completely random to tie a spy comedy to Apple? Sure. But it’s less random and a lot funnier than Cohen’s tone deaf Oscars appearance that had anyone under 30 wondering why some racist dude in a do-rag was on stage.