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Watch The Video Footage Of Google's Self-Driving Car Hitting A Bus

Last month, one of Google's self-driving Lexus SUVs caused a collision with a public bus—and it was caught it on camera.

A Lexus SUV from Google's squad of self-driving cars was involved in a minor collision with a public bus last month, marking the first time one of the vehicles was directly responsible for an accident. The incident was caught on video by a camera in the bus, which was obtained by the Associated Press and posted to YouTube on Wednesday.

Like most other accidents involving Google's cars, the crash resulted in minimal damage and no injuries, as evidenced by the video footage. The bus was moving at 15 miles per hour, while the car was inching along at just 2 miles an hour; at the time of the collision, the vehicle was in autonomous mode.

Google's self-driving cars had previously been in 17 accidents, though none of those incidents were caused by the car itself.

[via The Verge]

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