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The Humane Society Silicon Valley Brings You The Tearjerker Of The Day

Get ready to feel an overwhelming urge to hug your dog–or to adopt one to hug–after watching the “Mutual Rescue” campaign spot.

The Humane Society Silicon Valley Brings You The Tearjerker Of The Day

Anybody who’s known the unconditional love of a dog knows that it doesn’t care what society thinks of you. As long as you’re nice, and willing to make time for walks and petting, you’re going to be the best person that dog has ever met in the whole world. And that’s something that the Humane Society of Silicon Valley wants to hit you with right in the feels in this six-minute short documentary starring Eric O’Grey and his dog Peety.

In 2009, O’Grey was a 51-year-old man with Type II Diabetes, a 52-inch waist, and list of medications that cost nearly $1,000 a month. His doctor told him that he was unhealthy at 320 points, and a first step toward changing his life should include adopting a dog that would give him a reason to go outside and walk around every day. When he met Peety, a seven-year-old dog who was 25 pounds overweight himself, he found his partner. As the video shows (with a mix of footage of the two, talking-head shots of O’Grey telling his story, and lovely line-drawings with spot watercolor-style illustrations of the pup), the bond O’Grey and Peety formed was one that changed both lives. While–spoiler alert–there’s a tearjerker near the end that might make you rush to hug your dog (or to adopt one to hug), the story hammers home the power of that relationship.

The spot is part of the Humane Society Silicon Valley’s Mutual Rescue campaign, in which they’re soliciting stories from pet owners who adopted animals that saved them as much as they saved the dog/cat/etc. O’Grey’s story certainly makes clear how that sort of relationship works–at least if you keep a box of tissues around while you watch it.

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