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Amazon Is Leasing 20 Boeing Aircrafts To Streamline Its Delivery Operations

The lease, which will run five to seven years, should help Amazon exercise more control over its delivery infrastructure.

[Photo: Flickr user John Murphy]

In an effort to cut out the middleman in its delivery process, Amazon will be leasing 20 Boeing 767 airliners, according to Reuters. The news was disclosed Wednesday by Air Transport Services Group Inc. (ATSG), the company responsible for leasing the planes.

The lease will run five to seven years, ATSG told Reuters, and should help Amazon move away from relying on external delivery services. The e-commerce giant has already taken steps toward being less dependent on the USPS and FedEx. In December, Amazon bought thousands of truck trailers that, in tandem with its trucking partners, will ferry products between its warehouses and sorting centers. And in January, the U.S. Federal Maritime Commission granted Amazon’s Chinese arm, Amazon China, a license to become an ocean freight forwarder.

The reveal of a new drone prototype in November indicated that Amazon continues to build out its drone delivery program, though the company still faces strict drone regulations set by the Federal Aviation Administration.

[via The Verge]

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