Greenpeace Builds A Child’s Underwater Fantasy To Help #SaveTheArctic

If you ever fashioned a fortress from blankets and boxes during childhood, this elaborate world based on a child’s imagination may make your efforts seem a little shabby in comparison.

This new spot for Greenpeace, entitled “The Little Explorer” is the latest film in its long-running campaign to protect the Arctic, #savetheArctic. It features an enchanting marine wonderland, built, it is claimed, entirely from objects a child could find around the house. The little girl’s dreamlike musings are given a rude awakening when a trawler unexpectedly passes through, destabilizing and damaging everything in its wake.

The two-minute long film, created by agency Don’t Panic, calls on people to sign a petition to stop destructive fishing in the Arctic. This phase of the Arctic campaign specifically demands that fishing companies desist from harmful practices in the northern Barents Sea, which lies between the Norwegian Sea and the Arctic Ocean, and in the waters around Svalbard. The NGO is lobbying the Norwegian government to enact legislation to protect the area and is also asking retailers and wholesalers of brands and fish restaurants not to use suppliers who engage in practices that are harmful to the habitat.

The film follows 2014’s “Everything is NOT Awesome,” also made by Don’t Panic, which is credited with helping end the relationship between Lego and Shell.