This Coloring Book Features A Shirtless, Ripped Bernie Sanders

The adult coloring book craze has moved on from flowers and butterflies to politics and pecs: Now it’s possible to pull out your colored pencils and shade in a shirtless Bernie Sanders.

“To me, Bernie Sanders is the strongest candidate in the race, so I wanted to depict him as such by making him ultra buff,” says artist Nicole Daddona, who designed Buff Bernie: A Coloring Book For Berniacs. “I’ve never seen him shirtless, so I can’t attest to the existence of his muscular bod, but I imagine he’s pretty ripped under all those buttoned-up dress shirts.”

The book has 20 pages of a half-naked Bernie in various bodybuilder poses. In a scene in the kitchen with a strategically placed mixing bowl, the caption reads, “I’m cooking up some tasty AF universal health care.”

Daddona is hoping that it makes both Berniacs and non-Berniacs laugh. “Everyone should take the elections seriously by going out and actually voting, but they can also have fun with the process,” she says.

And, like coloring books used for art therapy, maybe it can help relieve a little election-related stress. “Election season can definitely be very stressful,” says Daddona. “I hope that this coloring book can help people understand Bernie Sanders’s stance on important issues in a lighthearted way while, yes, relieving some national stress.”