This Soap Ad Campaign For Chinese New Year Has More Than 40 Million Views

Being part of a family leaves lasting impressions on one’s brain. It could be those home-cooked meals, holiday celebrations, or just how your dad would fall asleep watching the nightly news. Sights, smells, and emotions that trigger memories and waves of nostalgia. Odds are, washing your hands before dinner isn’t one of them. But in this world, one person’s annoying childhood hygienic reminder is another’s family warm and fuzzy.

Four ads in a new Chinese campaign for P&G’s Safeguard soap brand has already racked up more than 40 million views in that country by using a certain. long-held tradition in four different settings. Roommates in the big city. A working mom on the late shift. A Young woman struggling her way up the corporate ladder. A father’s epic commute.

In a statement, Saatchi & Saatchi Shanghai chief creative officer Kenny Choo said, “In China, every time someone comes home for a meal, you would hear the words ‘Xi Shou Chi Fan’ which literally means ‘Wash hands and have dinner’–and this is synonymous with all families in China. For Safeguard, the emotional connection with this Chinese vernacular has made it a household name in China for the last 25 years. This was a fantastic opportunity from P&G to create a series of emotional stories set during Chinese New Year in China.”

Thailand may have the sadvertising market cornered for insurance, but it looks like China has soap on lock.