Here Is Airbnb’s Most Popular Rental Ever

For $110 a night, you and two friends can cram yourselves into a tiny geodesic dome loft in the Redwoods of California—otherwise known as the most popular rental on Airbnb.

The cabin, owned by Kitty Mrache, was first conceived as a DIY space for a newly homeless friend; it later became one of the first Airbnb rentals outside of New York or San Francisco. The compact dwelling, affectionately dubbed the “mushroom dome,” features such amenities as a futon and double bed, small kitchen, and composting toilet.

It’s so popular that Airbnb incorporated an 80% replica of the cabin into its headquarters, which also features replicas of other famous rentals. The Mraches also now rent a small studio on the property, called Hummingbird Hangout, and have plans to build a treehouse in the future, according to The Guardian.

But you better go ahead and make a reservation, like, now. The waitlist is several months long, with only three vacant nights last year. “My kids like to come and stay,” Mrache told The Guardian. “But they have to make an appointment.”