It’s Time To Tell Your Favorite Websites To F**k Off

Admit it–your time at work is just a smokescreen for your true passion: professional procrastination.

Your ability to juggle what you should be doing on your computer with the 50 other tabs that don’t have anything to do with anything is truly astounding. How you manage to “x” out a site just as your boss rounds the corner is a dexterous forefinger feat.

You’re the champion dawdler, no question–but Alexander Lam needs you to cut that shit out and get back to fucking work.

Lam, a tech entrepreneur, has created the Chrome extension “Go Fucking Work,” a website blocker to keep you on the straight and narrow at the office. Simply add the time-sucking sites you frequent and when you attempt to waste even a second on any of them, “Go Fucking Work” will berate you will an expletive-laden demand to turn your attention back to work.

“I was feeling unproductive, so instead of working, I made a website blocker to shout expletives at me,” Lam says in a post on tech curation site Product Hunt. “There are tons of blockers out there but none that shouted at me for wasting time. Hopefully my procrastinating helps you be more productive.”

Download “Go Fucking Work” here.