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Instagram’s Loki The Wolfdog And Mercedes Want You to Explore the Wild in VR

The Instagram-famous wolf/dog hybrid brings his majestic spirit to your VR headset, so you can explore the wilderness from your couch.

Instagram’s Loki The Wolfdog And Mercedes Want You to Explore the Wild in VR

For some reason, we just relate to wolves. In folk tales, they were monsters–what big, sharp teeth they had as they huffed and puffed and blew houses down–but these days, we’re pretty into them. From White Fang to the House Stark’s Direwolves on Game of Thrones, humans in a world where they don’t have to worry about being eaten can easily find the majesty in the magnificent beasts.

That’s what helped propel Loki the Wolfdog to Instagram fame (he’s currently just shy of a million followers), and now the half-wolf hybrid–and his owner, Kelly Lund–are stars of a VR ad campaign from Mercedes-Benz USA. The campaign shows off the extremely photogenic wolfdog as he sticks his majestic-but-still-also-adorable head out the window, as Lund drives a Mercedes as white as his pet’s undercoat–and the driven snow Loki plows through–through mountains laden with evergreen trees and the occasional rustic cabin. The spot, which runs two minutes, is available in both a 2D variant and a 360º version that can be experienced either on a browser or on a VR device that gives you a wolfdog’s-eye-view of the landscape own Crested Butte, Colorado. It may not be quite the same as exploring the snowy peaks with your own wolfdog hybrid best friend–an experience that, as Lund explains it in his voiceover, sounds pretty amazing–but at the very least, it’s quite a bit warmer.

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