New TV Shows Could Be Coming From Culinary Stars David Chang And Christina Tosi

The brains behind Momofuku and Milk Bar are each mulling possible shows. Here’s what the programs could look like.

New TV Shows Could Be Coming From Culinary Stars David Chang And Christina Tosi
David Chang and Christina Tosi [Photos: Gabriele Stabile (Chang); Dave Kotinsky, Getty Images (Tosi)]

Is superstar chef David Chang headed back to TV? In 2012, the Momofuku mastermind starred in the first season of PBS series Mind of a Chef, but otherwise he’s been focusing on his growing restaurant empire (read our story in the latest issue of Fast Company here). That could soon change. Though he won’t yet share details, Chang confirms that he is “in talks for a television show.” According to Peter Meehan, the editorial director of Chang-backed food magazine Lucky Peach who also appeared in Mind of a Chef, he and Chang have been discussing ideas with several producers, and once that piece is in place they’ll start shopping the show to networks.

“It’s possible we could do kind of a travel/food/Mind of a Chef/Bourdain-y show, but I think the more subversive, interesting, fun thing to do would be, like, a dump-and-stir cooking show,” Meehan says, referring to those half-hour instructional programs where a chef stands behind burners assembling dishes. “But [we want to] figure out how we can tweak it so it’s smart and useful and fits in with what Lucky Peach does and how Dave sees himself and the world. My phrase for most food television is, it’s like being waterboarded with rosé. We don’t want [our show] to wash over you. Can we get a little conflict in there? Can we get some some actual technique and food knowledge in there? Can we get interesting people in the mix of doing a show like that, either on camera or in the set design, so that we end up with a product that at the end of the day we’re proud to have made?”

Meanwhile, Christina Tosi, who runs Momofuku spin-off bakery Milk Bar (and currently serves as a judge on Fox shows MasterChef and MasterChef Junior), has her own ideas for a TV show. Though she says at this point it’s just a thought in the back of her head and she’s never actually pitched it to anyone, Tosi would love to create a food-and-travel program called Milk Across America. “As I have gotten deep into the world of food, I’ve realized that in the U.S. you have so much culture and so much history and so much quirk,” she says. “I don’t think we celebrate it enough. I love the thought of driving around in a Winnebago or doing some sort of semblance of glamping to celebrate life in all different parts of the U.S., obviously with food running through it, but also a bunch of different other things. Like, I want to go to the Crayola Crayon factory. I want to explore all of those things that the United States of America has and that people don’t give too much credit to. I’m fleshing it out in my head. But that, for me, is the Milk Bar spirit—it’s my spirit.”

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