• 03.03.16

Your New Ghostbusters Crack Jokes And Bust Ghosts In Their First Trailer

Busting makes Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, and Melissa McCarthy feel good, and now we can see them in action.

Your New Ghostbusters Crack Jokes And Bust Ghosts In Their First Trailer

The 1980s was a very slimy time to be a kid. There was Nickelodeon, where nuclear waste-colored chunky froth could rain down from the sky at any time, and then there was Slimer from Ghostbusters, who left a viscous, slug-like residue wherever he went. Considering that a motivated child could actually go to Nickelodeon Studios, that form of slime was imminently more achievable. But because Bill Murray was the guy who got slimed in Ghostbusters, that version of the stuff was what lodged in most kids’ hearts and stayed there forever.


It wasn’t just Bill Murray that made the movie a stone-cold classic—the whole cast was stacked with vets from SNL and SCTV, and the blending of laughs and sci-fi elements marked a paradigm shift for comedy. The film became a total pop culture phenomenon, which explains the excitement surrounding its imminent reboot, if not the animosity around its gender-swapping. With today’s release of the first trailer for the new Ghostbusters, we finally get a glimpse of our new team in action—and it turns out they’re slimier than ever.

Just as the original film raided late night comedy heavyweights for its cast, the new film has three SNL vets in Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones—along with Melissa McCarthy, who has hosted the show four times. We’ve seen their costumes. We’ve seen the car. Now, however, we get to see how the crew works together, and what their personalities are like.

If there’s a Venkman in the bunch, it’s McKinnon’s character, Holtzman, the stylish oddball. Kristen Wiig seems to occupy the timid, nerdy slot once occupied by Dan Aykroyd. That might be where the similarities end, though. Melissa McCarthy is too dominating a presence to line up with the relatively meek Egon made famous by Harold Ramis. And there’s no way a performer as brash and explosive as Leslie Jones is in that role either, or would have as little to do as Winston, the Ringo of Ghostbusters.

Anyone hoping for a practical effects-filled Ghostbusters will be disappointed. The trailer looks typically CGI-heavy for 2016. But anyone who has been waiting for a big Slimer comeback will be happy, and not just because his Hi-C drink is back.

Watch the full trailer below.

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