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These Stick-Figure Cartoons About The Anxiety Of Procrastination Are The Best

Not sure if we should laugh or cry—but we've never seen a better explanation of what it feels like to puts things off.

These Stick-Figure Cartoons About The Anxiety Of Procrastination Are The Best

[Images: Tim Urban via Wait But Why]

Wait But Why author and co-owner Tim Urban was asked to do a TED talk. It all went downhill from there, thanks to his fear of public speaking and extreme procrastination. Luckily, he chose to document the experience in great, self-punishing, hilarious detail with stick-figure cartoons that will resonate with anyone who's ever put off a daunting task.

In "Doing A TED Talk: The Full Story," Urban describes his careful anti-procrastination plans that were sure to work out (these will look familiar to anyone who's ever procrastinated):

Then over the next few months, it all went to hell, as these things do. In January, he gave a practice version of the talk to TED staff. "What I ended up doing was a rambling and nonsensical ending that wasn’t that different from me picking words out of the dictionary at random and saying them," Urban writes. But still he didn't finish the talk.

Soon, TED Talk day in Vancouver was upon him. Urban was left hastily trying to memorize the words up until the very last moment.

Luckily, everything turned out OK—but it was a hell of a road getting there. Read the whole harrowing experience on Wait But Why. And remember, you'll save yourself a lot of stress if you don't procrastinate (but we know you will anyway).