Facebook May Pay Celebrities To Use Its Live-Streaming Platform

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg is pitching talent agencies to beef up Facebook’s live content with celebrity users, Re/code reports.

Facebook May Pay Celebrities To Use Its Live-Streaming Platform
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For the past few years, Facebook has been working to attract celebrities–who in the past have been more active on Twitter–to its platform, in part by adding features like verified accounts and trending topics. Facebook even created the Facebook Mentions app exclusively for celebrities, to help them manage notifications and public interactions. When the social network introduced live streaming last year, it debuted the service on the Mentions app.


Now, in an effort to get celebrities to stream video more regularly, Facebook may be willing to pay some of them up to six figures, Re/code reports.

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg is currently in talks with talent agencies to pitch this idea, according to Re/code. The goal is to have more Facebook users adopt live streaming—the feature was rolled out to all Facebook users a few months after its initial release—and chances are, Sandberg and other execs think recruiting celebrities is the best way to attract those users and lock in high-profile figures who may otherwise use Twitter or Snapchat.

Sandberg allegedly wants to find a number of “test subjects” who will agree to stream regularly in exchange for money.

“One person who’s heard the pitch came away thinking that Facebook would be offering six-figure sums to a handful of famous people,” Re/code wrote in its post.

A Facebook spokesperson confirmed the live-streaming push and Sandberg’s meetings in a statement to Re/code:

We’re investing in live video as we think it’s a great fit for our platform—more and more people are choosing to watch and share live video on Facebook because it is personal, real-time and authentic. Live is a really new format on Facebook and we’re just starting to understand its potential. To that end, we’re testing different ways to support partners so they begin experimenting with Facebook Live. We’ll be working closely with these partners to learn from them how we can build the best Facebook Live experience and explore with them potential monetization models.

The statement suggests Facebook could follow the YouTube model and share ad revenue with celebrities who create live content.


We have reached out to Facebook for comment.

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