Snapchat Gets 8 Billion Video Views A Day, Nearly Matching Facebook

The 5-year-old app Snapchat is catching up to Facebook when it comes to video views.

Snapchat Gets 8 Billion Video Views A Day, Nearly Matching Facebook

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel disclosed Monday that the messaging app’s users watch 8 billion videos a day, Re/code reports. This puts Snapchat’s count just behind that of Facebook, which reported it had reached 8 billion daily video views during its quarterly earnings call in November.

Though Facebook has likely racked up additional views in the past few months, Snapchat’s growth indicates it could soon match the social network. In early January, it was revealed that Snapchat’s users already watched 7 billion videos daily; the latest metric, which Spiegel presented at a tech conference hosted by Morgan Stanley, indicates that within the last two months, Snapchat users started consuming a billion videos more per day. Since last May, Snapchat has quadrupled its daily video views.

Snapchat’s video metrics are most impressive when compared against its user base. Unlike Facebook, which has more than 1 billion daily users, Snapchat has just 100 million daily users (though it’s worth noting that this number has not been updated since last May).

Spiegel also shared a few other tidbits at the conference: Snapchat users are, on average, engaging with the app for 30 minutes each day, and more than 50% of Snapchat’s new users are over 25 years old.

In other news this week, Facebook ad exec Sriram Krishnan—who announced last week that he is leaving the company—will be joining Snapchat’s growth and revenue team, Re/code reports. Though the specifics of Krishnan’s role are unclear, Snapchat is in the process of beefing up its advertising business as it seeks to capitalize on its rapid growth.

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