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“Prince Charles” Says Happy Mother’s Day With Flowers In New Body Shop Ad

The royal family, they’re just like us! Well, at least the doppelgangers are.

“Prince Charles” Says Happy Mother’s Day With Flowers In New Body Shop Ad

In the U.K., Mother’s Day falls on March 6th this year, and for florists, it’s second only to Valentine’s Day in popularity. But not all people are happy with simply ordering a floral tribute online, and HRH The Prince of Wales is apparently one of them.

This cheekily subversive new spot for the Body Shop appears to show the heir to the British throne cultivating a crop of homegrown roses especially for his mum. It all goes badly wrong, alas. Those wretched corgis! But the Body Shop products come to the rescue, of course.

The 60-second ad, by agency Mr. President, is directed by artist and filmmaker Alison Jackson, who specializes in exploring the cult of celebrity by using (uncannily convincing) lookalikes filmed as though by hidden cameras. Jackson’s fake subjects are usually seen during imaginary but often plausible private moments.

The campaign follows a similar spot for the Body Shop for last year’s Mother’s Day, which saw the royal family making a special breakfast in bed for Her Maj.

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