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Inbox by Gmail Is Getting Some Very Helpful Snooze Options

Inbox will now let you snooze emails for "later this week" and "this weekend."

Inbox by Gmail has two new snooze options that are perfect for when just can't deal with another email. You can now tap "Later this week" or "This weekend" when faced with non-urgent messages. The app will send you another reminder about the email at the end of the snooze period.

The new times were highly requested by users, according to Google. Another update lets you pick your preferred day of the week to receive email. The improvements "should hopefully save you some time, and decrease the need to use custom snooze," reads a company blog post. These updates are only available on Inbox—one more reason to switch over from your native mail app.

Now if only wake-up alarms could be snoozed until the weekend.