Take A Vacation In Your Favorite 2015 Film With Airbnb’s Oscar-Inspired Listings

When it comes to the Oscars, some fans just go all out. Sometimes that means inviting over all their closest friends to watch 47 hours of red carpet coverage and the big show, turning their house into a hamster nest of snacks, booze, and fashion criticism. But Airbnb is giving people the chance to take their Academy Awards fandom to yet another level with a collection of curated listings aimed to give you a vacation inside your favorite film of the year.

The brand says that the The Revenant, filmed primarly in Montana and Alberta, has had a ripple effect on tourism and Airbnb interest in those areas and Airbnb–with triple the number of Airbnb guests compared to last year, and more than double the guests in neighboring British Columbia.

Not interested in potential bear wrestling? Maybe get a taste of Star Wars in Joshua Tree, Bridge of Spies in Berlin, the Yuca Valley for Mad Max, or Copenhagen for The Danish Girl. And if that’s a bit #OscarsSoWhite, check out the listing for Creed in Jersey City. And while picking a listing locale for Straight Outta Compton seems like an obvious choice, this one’s actually a loft with recording studio in Atlanta. Hey, it’s not the only one with a location stand-in–The Martian apparently lives in Taos, New Mexico.

Check out the rest in the slide show above.