Here’s What Best Picture Nominees Would Look Like In Disney’s Hands

CollegeHumor kicked off Oscar parody season the day the nominations were announced with its more “honest” take on Best Picture contenders and snubs. Since then, we’ve seen everything from #OscarsSoWhite takedowns on SNL to Shutterstock’s pop art tribute to the top nominees to Best Picture noms reimagined as Winnie the Pooh. Apparently, the mandate for Oscar season this year was to use the whole buffalo. Fittingly enough, though, CollegeHumor has stepped back in just under the wire to conclude this moment of Peak Parody.

“If Oscar Movies Were Made by Disney,” which the comedy site unveiled yesterday, recontextualizes the current crop of nominees as classic animated fare. The plots of Room, The Revenant, and Spotlight remain intact, but they’ve now been given kiddie-friendly titles and The Rescuers-era illustrated makeovers. In this experiment, the above films now exist as Barn, The Big Bear Adventure, and The Great Paper Caper, respectively. Funniest of all, however, is CollegeHumor’s take on The Martian, which anthropomorphizes all of those potatoes from the movie, perhaps as the result of a psychotic break, and rechristens the movie The Spud Buds.

Even though we may be suffering from Oscar parody overload, this last entry was worthy of inclusion, as the season comes to its conclusion with the actual ceremony on Sunday, February 28th.

Have a look in the slides above for more nominees as Disney movies.JB