Image Of The Day: Arby’s Unveils New Vegetarian Menu For Leap Year Day

Every four years the month of February gets an extra day tagged on to the end of it, and 2016 just so happens to be a Leap Year. One long held tradition on February 29 is that women propose marriage to men, as opposed to the other way around. Can you IMAGINE?! Shocking. Well, Arby’s has decided to try and spark up another tradition by taking this every-four-year opportunity to open it’s doors and kitchens to vegetarians. Sort of.

On the last day of this month, the chain will be offering its first ever vegetarian menu, featuring all of Arby’s signature sandwiches, minus the meats.

“At Arby’s, we’re proud of our meats, but we also understand that meat isn’t for everyone,” said Arby’s chief marketing officer and brand president Rob Lynch, in a statement. “So we’ve decided to give vegetarians a reason to visit Arby’s on Leap Day by offering a one-day menu designed specifically for them. If it goes well, we’ll likely bring back the vegetarian menu on Feb. 29 each year.”

This little bit of trolling obviously won’t endear the fast feeder to vegetarians too much, but will likely have plenty of meathusiasts giggling at the carnivorous comedy of it all.