ISIS Makes Direct Threats Against Mark Zuckerberg And Jack Dorsey

Offshoot of terror group says it will “delete” the Facebook and Twitter CEOs for combating terrorism online.

ISIS Makes Direct Threats Against Mark Zuckerberg And Jack Dorsey
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The Islamic State has reportedly made direct threats against Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, reports Vocativ. The threats were made in a video released by an ISIS group called Sons of the Caliphate, an offshoot of the larger Cyber Caliphate division of ISIS that uses cyber warfare and tools to launch attacks and spread propaganda. Vocativ notes that terror analysts suspect that Sons of the Caliphate is a “teen” or “apprentice” division of the Cyber Caliphate.

On Wednesday, Vocativ‘s deep web analysts discovered the video on social media service Telegram, which is frequently used by ISIS to spread propaganda. In the 25-minute video titled “Flames Of The Supporters,” a chilling image is shown of Jack Dorsey’s and Mark Zuckerberg’s faces side by side with bullet holes through them.

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A subsequent slide in the video reads: “To Mark and Jack, founders of Twitter and Facebook and to their Crusader government. You announce daily that you suspended many of our accounts. And to you we say: Is that all you can do? You are not in our league. If you close one account we will take 10 in return and soon your names will be erased after we delete you (sic) sites, Allah willing, and will know that we say is true. #Sons_Caliphate_Army.”

Neither Facebook nor Twitter have publicly commented on the video, but its release comes after both social media sites have stepped up efforts to combat terrorism online at the urging of U.S. security services. A recent study revealed that ISIS influence on Twitter has flatlined after the company stepped up monitoring of accounts affiliated with the group.

Most recently, Mark Zuckerberg addressed terrorist propaganda on Facebook this week at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. “We don’t want people doing that kind of stuff on Facebook,” he said. “If we have opportunities to basically work with governments and folks to make sure that there aren’t terrorist attacks then we’re going to take those opportunities and we feel a pretty strong responsibility to help make sure that society is safe.”

This video isn’t the first time Islamic State has made threats against Twitter officials, reports USA Today. In 2014, after the company started cracking down on ISIS accounts, then-CEO Dick Costolo revealed the terror group had made threats to “assassinate” him and other Twitter employees. In March 2015 ISIS claimed Jack Dorsey had started a “war” with Islamic State for shutting down accounts linked to the group and Twitter employees had “become an official target to ISIS soldiers and supporters.”

The latest video is the first known public threat the group has made against Mark Zuckerberg.

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