Uber Wheels Out Motorbike Ride-Hailing Service In Thailand

With new pilot program UberMOTO, Bangkok residents can request rides via motorbike.

Uber Wheels Out Motorbike Ride-Hailing Service In Thailand
[Photo: Flickr user Dragan]

In congested cities, the simplest way to get around is often on a two-wheeler, atop which people can easily maneuver through stop-and-go traffic. On Wednesday, Uber unveiled UberMOTO, a new pilot program that will capitalize on the demand for quick transportation through the gridlocked streets of Bangkok, Thailand, where Uber says the average commute time is 120 minutes.

UberMOTO will offer city dwellers on-demand access to motorbike taxis through the Uber app. Riders will be given a helmet to wear during the trip and can pay with either cash or card. In its blog post announcing the program, Uber insists that, like its other services, UberMOTO drivers “have undergone an extensive screening process which includes a police background check.”

Depending on its success, UberMOTO could expand from Bangkok to other cities and countries in Asia, where similar services have already gotten traction. Grab, one of Uber’s competitors in Southeast Asia, offers bike taxis through GrabBike.

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