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Chevy Malibu Wants You To Love, Not Like, Its New Ad (On Facebook)

As the social behemoth adds new reactions, they might settle for a “wow,” but definitely not a “sad” or “angry.”

Chevy Malibu Wants You To Love, Not Like, Its New Ad (On Facebook)

Today, Facebook finally introduced its long-anticipated “reactions” feature. Rather than the clamored-for “dislike” button for people to respond to bad news and/or political posts from family members guaranteed to make holidays awkward, the reactions–which can be found simply by hovering over the old-school “like” button–offer a range of emotions you can choose to represent how you feel in response to someone’s link or status. No longer forced to just “like,” now you can “love,” “wow,” “haha,” “sad,” or “angry” a post.

And because nothing happens in the wider world without a brand presence, Chevy already has the first ad that draws upon the new reaction buttons: for the all-new 2016 Malibu, Chevy doesn’t just want you to “like” it, they want you to “love” it. In the 60-second web spot, we get a collection of pretty good Facebook moments–newborn babies, cute puppies, fresh cookies, etc–and some voiceover commentary about the ubiquity of “like” as a way to represent how we have felt about them in our Zuckerbergian utopia. Finally, the ad declares, “the time was right… to love”–and after all the boring babies and mediocre dogs, we get a shot of the new Malibu. React to that.

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