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Bruce Wayne Trades The Batmobile For A Jeep For ‘Batman V Superman’

Tell me, do you Jeep? You will.

Bruce Wayne Trades The Batmobile For A Jeep For ‘Batman V Superman’

We’re less than a month out from the release of Warner Bros massive tentpole Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice–a film so important to the studio’s plans for a sprawling, expanded-universe franchise based on the DC Comics heroes that they had to name it twice. And with the anticipation building, the brand partnerships and cross-promotional opportunities are similarly reaching a fever pitch.

The latest among them (after finding plenty of ways into your pantry) is a partnership with Fiat Chrysler Automotive, and the first glimpse of that is a 30-second TV spot that puts Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne behind the wheel of a Jeep Renegade, driving into the danger as (presumably) Superman or some other alien menace rains destruction down on Gotham. A voiceover from Jeremy Irons–who plays Alfred in the film, naturally–extols the virtue of navigating directly into the path of danger as we learn that the partnership between the brands extends to a Dawn of Justice special edition of the SUV (sadly, the headlights don’t project little Batsignals onto oncoming traffic).

This is just the first spot partnering the film with FCA Global–future spots also promise to include Dodge, though who’ll be driving that car is as yet unclear. At any rate, the partnership also gives us some character insight into Affleck’s version of Bruce Wayne–any billionaire who drives a Jeep around town (and flies commercial!) is a humble one who isn’t prone to unnecessary boasting, which means that when he says to Superman, “Do you bleed? You will!”, he must really mean it.

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