See Looks From Amazon’s New Private-Label Fashion Lines

As rumored, Amazon has introduced several private label fashion lines with clothing options for men, women, and children. But its latest foray into the fashion world may not appeal to customers who usually scour Amazon for deals from upscale brands—the new offerings feature neither high-end designer names nor rock-bottom prices.

The seven clothing lines—Lark & Ro, North Eleven, James & Erin, Society New York, Franklin & Freeman, Franklin Tailored, and Scout + Ro—launched quietly and, at the time of writing, without official word from the company. The first four brands cater to women, while the Franklin labels are for menswear and Scout + Ro for children’s clothing.

Chances are, Amazon isn’t relying on name recognition to peddle its new brands, but instead seeks to attract customers through its site search. (Another thing to consider is whether Amazon’s in-house products would rank higher in search results.) While the company is on track to usurp Macy’s spot as the top clothing retailer in the U.S., customers are more likely to happen upon Amazon’s wares than actively seek them out.

WWD previously reported that Amazon is looking for staffers to build out the team responsible for its labels. One candidate being considered, the Guardian reports, is Frances Russell, the former head of women’s wear at British retailer Marks & Spencer.

[via WWD]PM