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Waze, “London Has Fallen,” and Morgan Freeman Want You To Be President

That’s going to be one epic, transcendent, yet warm and human left turn in 3.5 miles.

Waze, “London Has Fallen,” and Morgan Freeman Want You To Be President

Alternate-reality marketing for movies is nothing new–but usually, the movies that get that kind of treatment are ones that have some extensive world-building involved. It makes sense to deepen the world around 10 Cloverfield Lane or to offer a look at the police case files in Gotham City in the lead-up to The Dark Knight Rises–but a proudly B-movie style action flick like London Has Fallen doesn’t usually offer fans the opportunity to live in the world of the film.

Still, by partnering with Google’s traffic/navigation app Waze, the “what if terrorists tried to kill the President while he was in London” sequel to the “what if terrorists tried to kill the President when he was in Washington DC” film Olympus Has Fallen gives you a chance to live like the President (as played by Aaron Eckhart): As a press release boasts, “Waze is prepared to make you the President” by giving you navigation and directions from the voice of Morgan Freeman, in character as Vice President Trumbull from the film.

Freeman’s voice, of course, is one of the most recognizable and beloved in the world, which makes the idea of getting his turn-by-turn directions (albeit for a limited time) downright novel, and reminding viewers that he’s playing the Vice President in a movie coming out during an election year is fun. The insinuation that part of the Vice President’s job is to tell the President that he’s supposed to exit in 4.3 miles, meanwhile, reflects the fact that London Has Fallen is probably not all that invested in the reality of government as it is in watching Eckhart, Freeman, and Gerard Butler fight their way through a bunch of bad guys–much like you fight your way through rush-hour traffic with the vocal assistance of Waze and Morgan Freeman, we suppose.

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